Wedding Shoes – Oh!

You found the perfect dress and now it’s time to find those shoes that you are crazy for. There seems to be no hard and fast rules to shoe choosing except making sure that they are comfortable. White, ivory or color? Low, medium or high heel? You choose but remember that you will be on your feet for several hours and shoes that are ‘to die for’ but not a good fit will cut your dancing hour short. There are so many options, take your time and have fun. Don’t forget to take your shoes for final gown fittings.

I’ve created flowers for a lot of beach weddings but never seen these. They are super cute!

And I love jewel encrusted anything…

found on

Oh, I love the bows… Now these look comfy!

photo – Pepper Nix Photography

And a little sparkle…

Christian Louboutin. photo – Union Eleven Photographers

seen on

Full-on metallic!

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

Some women can work a mule…not me – I’m always falling out of them.

But these Valentino’s might make me try harder…


Pretty open toe sling-backs…

Christian Louboutin

Beautiful two-piece heels with jewel encrusted bows…

seen on ; Photography: Terri Baskin

Oh my!  This is no kitten-heel…

Christian Louboutin

Not sure how long I could last in these heels but they are beautiful!

Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin

A wedding boot, how stylish!

seen on

And finally…these are a keeper for a winter wedding…

seen on

Oh my. So what did I learn from this post? I’m a huge Christian Louboutin fan…

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