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Time to think about a save-the-date card.  The norm is to send the save-the-date six months out from the wedding date. Since Annie’s wedding is during the holidays, we will begin to create and pop them in the mail by June for our January 2nd wedding.

Remember, we are on a budget so we are not running to the local stationer and ordering our save-the-dates. But Auntie Kate loves making paper goods so this won’t be any heavy lifting.

A postcard is the least expensive option with a $.39 cent stamp but it’s always nice to receive mail intact so we will use an envelope to carry our message. Therefore, we will be mindful in our design, weight and envelope size so that we do not exceed the next level of postage which is $.49 cents.

I’ve pulled some pictures from the internet to get Annie thinking. No one card answers my aesthetic needs but there are elements within each that are interesting and can be worked into our ultimate save-the-date design.

Ok Annie, here we go…

1. Fun. Since Annie wants a photo booth, this photo strip save-the-date has potential but good photos are critical to its success. I’d like to see some of the traditional elements added such as the ‘location’ of the wedding.

2.  Cute and simple. Again, the key here is to have a really great picture for reproduction and I’m not talking a selfie, Annie.

etsy – MinkCards

3. Engaging. The scratch-off concept immediately engages the recipient and could be made into something fun.

Etsy – CricketPrinting

4.  Visual Surprise. I love the 3-dimensional aspect of this pop-up card below. It’s fun, young and visually entertaining. A great DIY project.

5.  Annie’s job title is actually a ‘matchmaker’ so this box of matches is fun! but would eat into our budget both in creating and postage to send a box.

BUT, we could take the save-the-date calendar card (pictured right), give it a metallic face-lift with gold/silver stock and ink, tie gold-tipped match sticks into our metallic twine, and incorporate the words “sparks are going to fly” .  Just brainstorming….

photo via

photo via

Etsy – LoveofCreating








6.  I love announcements, invites, ceremony programs, etc…  that share little quips about the couple. It engages me and satisfies my need to know the “back-story”.

7.  Vintage Glam. Somehow this woman reminds me of Annie :) I like how graphically simple and visually bold this card is. Swap out the red palette with our metallics, give it double-thickness card stock to add substance, and place an ever-so-small speck of reflective angel dust on the diamond illustration.

Vintage Wedding Posters, by Alexander & Co


OK Annie…has this opened any creative doors for you? There is no one right answer. Instead, what card has elements that are reflective of your wedding vision?

Comments are always welcome.

6 Thoughts on “Save The Date

  1. Annie-BTB on April 8, 2015 at 3:17 pm said:

    Oh gosh! I love like all of these. Except number 2, I don’t feel any particular draw to that one. I had no idea you were a paper smith! 5, 6, and 7 are big front runners, but I also love the pop-up! The photo booth would be cute, but that’ll be a big part of our guest book. Great ideas!

  2. admin on April 8, 2015 at 3:32 pm said:

    Ok Annie, so you have chosen save-the-dates that are very different, but why ever would you make this process easy for me. LOL. You need to tell me what it is that you like about 5,6 & 7. i can then do some mock-ups for you.

    Can’t wait to hear your ideas about the guest book!

  3. Cam Sperry on April 8, 2015 at 5:57 pm said:

    I have a question: Will the save-the-date card have design elements that will later be included in the wedding invitation? Is this the spot to begin bringing in a “theme” or is it a stand alone?

    • admin on April 8, 2015 at 9:06 pm said:

      The save-the-date is definitely not a stand-alone. All of our wedding visuals should comfortably weave together, from beginning to end. The save-the-date is the first visual that is experienced by the guests. It conveys the important info, creates excitement for the event and through its design – introduces the style of the event. Excellent question Cam!

  4. I definetely want to see some gold in the invite as well as setting the tone for the what’s to come.

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