I’m Back

I have stepped back from the wedding floral business to regroup, rethink and re-bloom — but now I’m totally rejuvenated with a killer creative challenge!

My niece Annie is getting married and she has asked me to design her big day. This is Annie Mayo and her finance Kevin Hunter below. Cute aren’t they? I haven’t met Kevin yet but he’s got my vote already.

The happy couple bfore Auntie Kate drives them mad.

The happy couple before Auntie Kate drives them mad.

This wedding is not a small feat, we are on a very tight budget. Amen!! My dream come true. Why? For the past ten years I have been blessed with brides that have had ample budgets. It’s made being creative a bit easy for me. But now, I’m working with a very realistic budget, a budget in line with “my world.”  So here we are…

  • Wedding location – Boulder CO
  • January 2nd, 2016
  • 130 guests
  • Evening wedding
  • Bridal gown, flowers, invitations, photographer, entertainment and all the little extras that just scream cha-ching!
  • Oh wait, I forgot…the bride wants a photo booth too.
  • Our budget is $17K.

So I receive the twinkle-light picture from my bride-to-be. While I applaud her energy and enthusiasm… “really Annie?  Really?”  Are you just messin’ with Auntie Kate?

Deep breath, back to reality. Ok, now my challenge… I am a monster aesthetic snob. I love layers of texture and purposeful detail. And, it often takes money to create this ‘purpose’. In my humble opinion, if a DIY project isn’t beautifully crafted, highly creative and stirs the viewer’s soul, it’s just a “ho-hum” wasted effort now, isn’t it? And we all know that there are a boatload of ho-hums out there.
So my marching orders for the next 10 months, between now and the day Annie walks down the aisle to meet Kevin, is to gently guide the couple through the wedding ‘decision tree’.  And, as each decision is made, my objective will be to provide thoughtful and cohesive visuals to tie together these many decisions – while staying on budget.
Creating beauty on a budget is not a new concept, it’s just about trying to do it better.  And if I can’t, I’ll live my remaining years in dreadful self-imposed creative shame. And the twinkle-lit wedding aisle above isn’t making my job any easier. Just sayin’…
So toward that end, I invite you to join my creative journey and the step-by-step planning of Annie and Kevin’s wedding by subscribing, sharing, spreading the word and commenting freely.


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