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We are nine months out from Annie’s wedding date and securing the ceremony/reception venue is a priority. Not only does the venue impact our budget but it will influence the wedding style Annie chooses.  If Annie is opting for an elegant evening, we won’t be looking at a vacant barn with hay bale decor. So while Auntie Kate pushes forward with venue inquiries, I have asked Annie to begin defining her color palette knowing that the palette may need to be tweaked depending on the decor of the venue we choose.

Most brides have a palette direction but need a little help in either narrowing down, building out or re-enforcing that her palette is indeed the right choice.  My advice to all brides is to keep it simple. Choose two or three colors to focus on…you cannot possibly focus on the five and six colors being sold on the internet.  Too many colors can create a scattered visual experience. Your wedding day needs cohesion and color is the corner stone.

Annie’s favorite color is gold.  She envisions an elegant, romantic yet edgy evening colored with golds and creams. Considering that we are coming off the very bright golds of the holiday season,  I hope to move Annie toward a muted old world palette with a little pop of color.




I’d like to build our palette from a base of burnished golds and worn grays…  I haven’t told Annie that yet…








 So here we go Annie, I’ve posted a few options with my thoughts.




Gold, blush and ivory. Love the mix of textures too! Beautiful, romantic with a bit of  flirt! I’d tone down the gold sparkle just a wee bit by mixing in burnished gold variations to give us the Old World feel. Notice the gray slate background.









Gold, fig and ivory. This could be very interesting Annie!  A fig offers wonderful variations within itself but I would keep the fig muted (no shiny purples). Auntie Kate does have her jewell-encrusted moments where more is better but this palette is beautiful and organic.  (And we have gray again in the background)


Elizabeth Anne Designs













Deep muted reds, golds and grays.  Oh I love this! Because we are coming off the holidays, I’d max out the golds and grays and provide just pops of deep, deep reds.






Gold, ivory and pale turquoise.  (Depending on your computer screen, the blues my look minty…that’s actually pretty too!)  You had once mentioned that you liked turquoise. This is what it would look like paired with gold and gray. Quite serene and I’ve got to admit, while I don’t gravitate to blue icing, that cake looks outrageously delicious!

photo via ModWedding

photo via ModWedding, cake- Natural Wedding Co, UK


Alrighty Annie, those are the color combos I have chosen for gold. Perhaps I have missed a combo you would like to explore? Once you choose your palette, we will begin to discuss how to layer the colors throughout your day to keep the palette dynamic and not visually bore the guests.  Hmm…and that would be dreadful.

I have listed two websites below that can help brides with color combinations. I chose the sites based on visual information offered and the ease of moving around the website itself.

Please comment freely, give us your feedback and share your color views. Annie and I are open to all suggestions.

5 Thoughts on “Color Palette – So Many Choices

  1. I would like to see a darker turquoise – a more winter tone. I also liked the color palette with the deep red.

    • admin on March 15, 2015 at 3:55 pm said:

      If Annie chooses the pale turq I presented in the post, I’d save the darker turq for an extra pop at the reception. That will help to keep the palette dynamic.

  2. Trish on March 17, 2015 at 5:22 pm said:

    Absolutely love the look of the burnished gold and worn dark grey. Love! Hard to choose between the red, neutrals and pale turquoise, all beautiful!

    • admin on March 17, 2015 at 5:27 pm said:

      Yes I’ve got to admit I love the feel of worn golds and grays. My mother always gets after me to keep my metals polished, but I just can’t…

  3. Cam Sperry on March 18, 2015 at 6:25 pm said:

    Option 1 (blush, ivory, gold) and Option 3 (deep red, grey, gold) speak to me. Even though I am a huge fan of turquoise, it might be tricky to get the correct pale shade that you envision and then it could tip into being too Tiffany-ish (plus turquoise flowers feel unnatural). I might watch “Age of Innocence” with Daniel Day Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer to see some color combinations during winter scenes and interesting fabrics and textures as an inspiration. I’ll let you know if anything jumps out at me.

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