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Non-Floral Boutonnieres

I love non-floral boutonnieres for the groom and his wedding party. For me, a non-floral boutonniere is a reflection of the groom’s personality – it adds a unique touch that a flower just can’t do. (oh did I say that?)

After a bit of Googling and a review of Pinterest, I found some great ideas below to share.

Love the focus on an inspiring word here

For the nautical wedding, the tiny sailboats are fun…

Sailboats here

Love the vintage feel to the bout below…

Locket boutonniere found here

And for the musician… here

For the Star Wars lover…

Lego Yoda found here

Love the simplicity of a single hand-stitched initial. A small labor of love…

Found here

And for the hunter…I love this!

Found here

Paper quilling…

Paper quilling. Find here

Sweet bout with tiny hearts and blue bird.

Found here

For the avid fly fisherman…

Found here

And last but not least an oragami crane…

Found here

 Comments always welcome.

Wedding Gowns – Beautiful Details

I’m a sucker for beautiful gown details.


seen on

Marchesa detail

seen on

Visual surprises! This is a mini gown…


Floating fabric…

seen on

Mixing textures…

seen on

Buttons and bows…

Krikor Jabotian

seen on

seen on

Two by Rosa Clara

Handmade elements…

seen on

Thoughts and comments always welcome.

The Veil

I’ve explored the wedding gowns and it’s time to move on to the veils. So for a crash course on veils, I looked to The Knot for advice.

A quick summary…the shorter veils such as the bandeaus, birdcages and blushers are a bit more informal, while the longer veils – ballet, chapel and cathedral styles lean toward tradition and formality.

Color – the color should match your gown unless you are wearing a vintage veil.  A vintage veil should not be dyed – it could compromise the material. Instead if the colors are close enough, all is good. The appeal of an antique garment outweighs the need to perfectly match.

Simplicity or Embellished – general rule…if the gown is heavily embellished, the veil should be clean and simple. If the gown is simple and streamlined, then the veil can boast a little decorative detail. The objective is to create a balance between the gown and veil.

Fabric – tulle, lace, silk and satin. Tulle is the most budget-friendly option. The synthetic materials like tulle tend to keep their shape better and have a lighter, airier look than silk and satin.

Blusher – the top layer of a veil that is worn over the face as the bride walks down the aisle. It is lifted and flipped back either when the father kisses the bride at the end of the aisle or when the groom lifts the blusher to kiss the bride and seals the deal.

diagram from

The Bandeau – Veil attaches to both sides of the head and runs straight across the face.

Etsy – GildedShadows

 The Birdcage – Unlike the bandeau, a birdcage veil is gathered with one comb, making the veil billow out over the face and fall between the nose and neck.

Etsy – myrakim

The Fly Away veil length sweeps the shoulder.

Fly Away

Oh! Grace Kelley wearing an Elbow length veil. Simple and stunning.

Grace Kelly. photo credit Johanna Johnson

A pretty Fingertip veil.

The Ballet veil falls between the knee and ankle.

Designer – Debra Moreland

The Sweep or Chapel just brushes the ground.

paper and pearls blog

The Cathedral extends beyond the train. / Pronovias

So many choices and no strict rules to the shape or life that the veil takes on. Simply work toward the veil and gown creating a visual balance and that the veil reflects your style.

Comments and thoughts always welcome.

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