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The Naked Cake…Oh my!

Writing this blog and spending endless hours on the internet looking for ‘all things wedding’ has opened me to loving the naked cake – a cake with very little frosting on its sides therefore exposing much of the sponge cake as its design.  For so many, the naked cake fits comfortably into a rustic wedding – and there it shall stay.  But I think the naked cake can also have a very modern appeal if presented properly. Take a look…


Found Here


Found on Here


Found Here


Found Here


Martha Stewart. Here


Found Here


Photo by Amy Anaiz. Here


Cake found Here


Found Here


Found Here


The Vanilla Cake Boutique.  Found Here

Each of these naked cakes look equally delicious to a wedding cake fully frosted.

And as for rustic only, I think we know better now.





Drink Flags!

I love little details at a party and drink flags are just one of those details that make me smile. So easy to make or simply go on to and you will find every shape and kind available to order.  The possibilities are endless.  Not only does Annie plan on having a signature drink but a cute little flag will definitely be tagging along :)

Some people use flags for a colorful accent… Ahoy!

DIY instructions here

Oh! this champagne toast looks very welcoming…

found on Minted  here

 Pink and purple variations…without even seeing the drink I bet this was a festive party!

found on e.Claire Creations here

Loving these glittery pom pom ball flags!

found on Martha Stewart

And some people use flags that say something…

found on the Glitter Guide here

Etsy shop here

found on buzzfeed here

Etsy shop here

Etsy shop here

And I guess these map drink flags are to help the guests get home…

Etsy shop here

When all is said and done, the tiny drink flags add a whimsical touch to the simplest beverage.

There is no wrong or right here except to have fun creating them.

Comments always welcome…

Bridal Updos

Who doesn’t love a beautiful updo?  Annie has flowing locks so I’m posting a variety of swirls and curls beautifully tucked up for her to consider.


 A bit of heaven…

 OH! She’s stunning with an updo so simple and elegant…

The tousled updo…

Loosely woven…

 Simple and beautiful knot…

 Perfectly messy updo…

Retro updo…

Love the updo with bangs…

This updo resonates with me. Beautiful, a little mussed but under control with the headband.

 Oh, so hard to choose from :)

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