Cake Toppers – Non Floral

I naturally gravitate to fresh flowers since I’ve been a wedding florist for the past ten years. But after a bit of Pinterest exploration, I could definitely be talked into non-florals. The added bonus is that a non-floral cake topper is a wonderful memento. New today but an heirloom tomorrow. I don’t know how many times I’ve gingerly guarded a family heirloom until it was safely placed on the cake.

Classic fairytale words… – BetterOffWed

I’m guessing faux botanicals sprayed gold…

eliana smith designs

Already vintage.  I’ve got a collection of these and enjoy imagining some happy couple’s day… – SassyDoggs

Handmade banner… These are actually time-consuming to make. I know because I made one for my twins 4th birthday. And of course I wanted it double-sided… – detroit paper company

For the bird-loving people…

Seen on Style Me Pretty

Kind-of the Romeo and Juliet of the bird world…

Another vintage topper.  I have this one too!

Elizabeth Anne Designs

Handmade paper topper. I like this. – JolieEnRoseVintage

 And did I mention you need a pretty cake stand too?

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