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A Palette is Chosen!


Finally, a combo that makes Annie’s soul sing. And the winner is… THE METALLICS! YEAH!  Golds, silvers, coppers and cream.  Maybe in the coming months a non-metallic color may creep in but for now it’s all metallics and I love it! It’s going to be a beautiful day…


With all of the wedding info available to brides it can be difficult to step back and ask yourself…”do I really like that?”  And I’m so happy that Annie took the deep breath, listened to her heart and stayed true to herself. Yeah Annie…this is going to be so fun!!

More Pretty Color Palettes

Ok Annie. I’m trying a different approach to give you some color choices. I’m posting floral arrangements created in gold vases.  Don’t worry about the inclusion of gray, just concentrate on the following combos. Here we go…

Flowers by Saipua. Jen Huang Photography





Peaches and cream.














Flowers by Elizabeth Anne Designs



Orange variations with a hint of blue.






Flowers by Sweet Woodruff. Photo by When He Found Her


Whites and greens.

















Pale to hot pink, apricot and orange accents!


Found on






Pale pink, rubies and cream.  Oh!












And here is a reminder of your pale turquoise/teal/Tiffany blue, etc…whichever blue you choose, they all work with golds, grays and creams.  Your flowers would be monochromatic creams and whites with the inclusion of a few honey colored morsels.

Does this help Annie?

Sometimes it’s just easier to look at flowers because they provide color variation within themselves. You can see how one color often flows into the next.

Please comment :)

Golds & Grays

OK Annie, we are starting with the basics again regarding your color palette.  I gave you and the MOB (my sister) information overload, didn’t I?  I think I too need to start from scratch. Lol

Our foundation is burnished golds and worn grays .  This palette in itself is very soothing… and truthfully, it needs no help in being made beautiful by the inclusion of a third color of blush, fig, pale turquoise or deep red.  Take a look below…


Mixed metallics. Seen on

Saftey pin golds and grays. See at

cake designed by Maggie Austin Cake; photo by L Hewitt

The natural tones of a beach wedding. Seen in full at

Gold eggs in gray cement pot. Seen on

ceremony cards with gold ribbon; photo: Jonas Seaman

My feedback from family and friends regarding which third color to add has been:

Blush“- pretty but pink can make an event very girly. Out.

Fig” – no response to that color so I take that as a no.

Pale Turquoise“- beautiful! but it really confuses my family because flowers are not turquoise.  I keep telling them, ‘think hardgoods not flowers’…vases, ribbons, printed material, etc. It falls on deaf ears, confusion continues…

Scarlet/Deep reds – responders are very comfortable with this color.  But unlike the pale turquoise, I would use the scarlet/red very sparingly in flowers only – not hardgoods,  just little hits, little pops here and there to create visual surprises.


#1 RULE  Don’t over-think this process. Choose a palette that makes your heart sing!  It needs to stir your soul. Seriously. If it doesn’t, it’s not the right color.  Bless it, and move it… Next?

There are 10 million colors available to us and I’m certain we can hit on one.

 Please comment and let me know your thoughts!

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